SkyFex 3.0 Released

We have just released SkyFex 3 – it’s an absolute blast.

The new SkyFex web site has been built from scratch to be more usable, fast and nice to look at. We hope you like it. Let us know if you have any suggestions to make the new site better.

SkyFex now supports Firefox for Windows; it’s installed as a Firefox plug-in.

New connection options are now available, including our personal favorite: send session link to the client (no need to type session ID into the box).

SkyFex now supports multiple monitors. You can choose which monitors to show to your partner.
You can resume disconnected sessions. If the Client is still connected to a remote session, the disconnected Expert can resume that session.

SkyFex is now faster and more stable.

Instant chat has been improved. You can now largely customize chat appearance.

Also, tons of minor tweaks and improvements have been made. Be sure to post any suggestions via our contacts page. Or feel free to post them here.

We hope you like the new SkyFex as much as we do.

SkyFex Team.

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One Response to SkyFex 3.0 Released

  1. TechMonkey says:

    Really nice news, guys.