Branding for SkyFex!


Branding SkyFex with your logo and color theme sounds like a nice idea. What do you think? Tell us.


SkyFex Team.

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4 Responses to Branding for SkyFex!

  1. I think being able to brand the service and have the logins / links directly on my own website is a fantastic idea.

    Having those features would deffinatly make me upgrade to Pro.!

  2. Mike says:

    I have been looking for a solution for my company and like the direction SkyFex is going, but the non-branding option is a major downside. I do want to purchase the pro version, but without branding I would have to think about it. Although I would still advertise on our site that SkyFex is used for the support software, I would like to see an option that allows our own domain to be used for the invite or some kind of link from our site to SkyFex. Have not seen that option on SkyFex site.

  3. SkyFexTeam says:

    Thanks for taking interest and commenting, guys! Branding is currently being tested, and integration into website is being implemented.

  4. SkyFexTeam says:

    Hi Niall,

    With branding, you will be able to replace the links from the SkyFex menu (Home and Help) with your own ones. Also, we will introduce the feature which will enable you to integrate SkyFex into your web site. SkyFex URL ( will still show in the address bar, but your Clients won’t accidentally go to SkyFex site.

    If you would to remove from the URL, please contact us at, so that we could discuss more advanced branding.

    Best regards,
    SkyFex Team.