Do we really need IE 6?

Hey there!

Well, while the branding and related stuff is being finalized and polished, we just realized that SkyFex still supports IE 6. That’s not to say that IE 6 has aged somewhat beyond being just a “legacy” product. Rather, we can call it outward old. Okay, maybe it’s even closer to ancient – at least in the eyes of active Internet surfers. Just kidding 🙂

Anyway, the point is: we’re just wondering if anyone really needs SkyFex to run in IE 6? So, if you can’t live without IE 6 – tell us.

Be sure to post your thoughts in the comments section below.


The SkyFex Team.

P.S. We know that in some corporate environments IE 6 proves to be a very efficient means against in-house Internet connection abuse. But you can’t be sure if a person is using IE 6 consciously, or it’s just because they do not care too much about updating.

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