SkyFex 3.1.0 Released – Better UAC Support, More Locales, etc.


The new release brings us many tweaks and minor bug fixes. However, the key feature is how SkyFex treats UAC permissions.

From now on, the Clients do not need to run their browsers with admin rights to allow remote control and other features (as was explained at

Now the Client just gives their permission, and that’s all. Then the Expert can use the required  feature, be it remote control, file transfer or remote system info, without restarting the session.

Also, the plugins have been translated into Italian and Polish. You can enable the translations for your Clients from the branding page.

We hope that these improvements will make SkyFex experience much more pleasant. More improvements are on their way!

SkyFex Team.

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2 Responses to SkyFex 3.1.0 Released – Better UAC Support, More Locales, etc.

  1. kahai says:

    Pretty good. now i can control my parents machine (under Vista). Thank u đŸ™‚

  2. Kris says:

    Sweet! I didn’t even think of running the browser with administrative rights, whenever I ran into a vista machine I would simply show the users where to click. Better than explaining on the phone, but not nearly as efficient as me doing the task myself..