SkyFex 3.1.1 – Remote Reboot, Share Expert’s Desktop, etc.

Dear All,

We have just released SkyFex 3.1.1.

The release brings some really nice features – Remote Reboot and Share My Desktop. Let’s see why they are so cool.

Remote Reboot allows you to restart the remote machine. It will reconnect automatically after the restart. Very convenient.

Share My Desktop is for Experts who want to do a bit of training for the remote user. So, the Expert shares his/her desktop with the remote user to show how to do things.

Those new features are available for the Pro accounts only – c’est la vie. If you are a free user, but want to test-drive the new functionality, we are always eager to let you try a Pro account. Just let us know.

These features have been brought because many Experts were eager to have them, so they insisted that we implement them 🙂 So, if you want to see certain features in SkyFex, be sure to contact us.


SkyFex Team.

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