SkyFex Unattended Access and the Updated Website

Hi everyone!

This is by far the most exciting release since SkyFex 3.0.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new Unattended Access feature! SkyFex now allows connecting to your unattended computers. You install the unattended access service once – and you can connect to your computer via browser from anywhere, any time. Also, the new version brings some minor bug fixes and tweaks, as usual.

Yet this is a beta release, and unattended access is only available to subscribers of SkyFex Pro. However, if you are not a Pro subscriber and you want to get your hands on the new feature, be sure to let us know.

We hope that unattended access will make SkyFex a more complete solution meeting all the essential needs of remote control users.

Also, the web site content has been updated to display info in a more straightforward and logical manner; some eye-candy added here and there.

Best regards,
SkyFex Team.

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