About DeskRoll Remote Desktop

Hey there,

We’re receiving quite many questions on DeskRoll vs. SkyFex, so a sound clarification might be in order.

So, DeskRoll is different from SkyFex as follows:

  1. With DeskRoll, no plugins or apps are installed on the device you are sitting at (including mobile devices). Just open www.deskroll.com in your browser, login to your account and you are all set. DeskRoll supports all operating systems that can have an HTML5-compliant browser: Windows XP and later, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackberryOS, etc.
  2. On the remote machine, a small DeskRoll app is run or installed. Currently, Windows and MacOS are supported (SkyFex doesn’t support Macs).
  3. DeskRoll’s web access viewport is optimized for mobile devices: you can use gestures to simulate right and left clicks, pan and zoom remote desktop, use virtual keyboard etc.
  4. DeskRoll currently offers a 30-day trial and no permanent free license (that might be changing soon though, stay tuned!).
  5. The pricing plans and associated costs are the same as with SkyFex.
  6. DeskRoll has pre-session chat which enables your customer to request help directly through DeskRoll.
  7. Some other less prominent advantages and differences (that still might be important for you).

Note that you can migrate your existing SkyFex Pro license to DeskRoll and keep both products! Contact us to request migration.

We hope this explanation sheds some light on the main differences between the two tools. Be sure to ask questions in the comments!

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