SkyFex Licensing Policy Changed


Some really important news here. There are SkyFex licensing changes that will take effect starting Tuesday, April 19, 2011. Here they are:

  1. SkyFex Free will now have 10 minutes of remote control instead of 5. Yeah, that’s fun.
  2. SkyFex Free will be allowed for use in non-commercial projects only. That means to use SkyFex in a commercial project, you will need to subscribe to SkyFex Pro.

So, what do we understand under “commercial use”? It’s simple:

  • If you charge your clients for remote support done via SkyFex – then it’s commercial use.
  • If you offer support via SkyFex as a part of maintenance and support of a commercially distributed product or service – then it’s commercial use.

If you help your mom and dad, and they, in return, treat you to an onion pie – it’s not commercial use. But you can send us a slice of that pie if you feel that’s appropriate 🙂

Note that we offer SkyFex Pro licenses for free to some educational and non-profit organizations – and to some other companies and organizations at our discretion. Be sure to ask us if your company is entitled.

We hope the new licensing will make SkyFex more pleasant to use. Feel free to tell us what you think about it.


SkyFex Team.

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A Minor Release


There was a minor release that came rather unnoticed but it’s nevertheless worth mentioning.

So, it brought a new feature – intelligent compression of transferred files plus some minor improvements.

SkyFex Team.

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SkyFex 3.1.1 – Remote Reboot, Share Expert’s Desktop, etc.

Dear All,

We have just released SkyFex 3.1.1.

The release brings some really nice features – Remote Reboot and Share My Desktop. Let’s see why they are so cool.

Remote Reboot allows you to restart the remote machine. It will reconnect automatically after the restart. Very convenient.

Share My Desktop is for Experts who want to do a bit of training for the remote user. So, the Expert shares his/her desktop with the remote user to show how to do things.

Those new features are available for the Pro accounts only – c’est la vie. If you are a free user, but want to test-drive the new functionality, we are always eager to let you try a Pro account. Just let us know.

These features have been brought because many Experts were eager to have them, so they insisted that we implement them 🙂 So, if you want to see certain features in SkyFex, be sure to contact us.


SkyFex Team.

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SkyFex 3.1.0 Released – Better UAC Support, More Locales, etc.


The new release brings us many tweaks and minor bug fixes. However, the key feature is how SkyFex treats UAC permissions.

From now on, the Clients do not need to run their browsers with admin rights to allow remote control and other features (as was explained at

Now the Client just gives their permission, and that’s all. Then the Expert can use the required  feature, be it remote control, file transfer or remote system info, without restarting the session.

Also, the plugins have been translated into Italian and Polish. You can enable the translations for your Clients from the branding page.

We hope that these improvements will make SkyFex experience much more pleasant. More improvements are on their way!

SkyFex Team.

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UAC Issues Fix Delayed a Bit


Good news: the UAC issue fix has been implemented.
Not so good news: testing is taking a bit longer than we expected.

We can tell for sure that it will be released somewhere in January. Hopefully, that will be in a couple of weeks or so.

SkyFex Development Team.

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Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year!

Hi there,

We wish everyone merry Christmas and a happy New Year! May all your dreams come true.

SkyFex Team.

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SkyFex Web Site in English, French, German and Russian


For some time already, SkyFex has translations of the user interface into French, German and Russian.

Now, we translated SkyFex web site into French, German and Russian as well. You can switch between the locales using the language icon at the top of each web page (shown below).
SkyFex Remote Desktop Locales List

Also, maybe you’d like to help translating SkyFex user interface (or maybe even the web site) into your native language. If so, please let us know so we can discuss.

Best wishes,
SkyFex Team.

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SkyFex Demo Released

Hi everyone,

It used to take quite a bit of an effort to see SkyFex in action for the first time.

We found out that the most popular way to test-drive SkyFex is to “connect to self” (i.e. Expert and Client are the same host). However, this was inconvenient and not straightforward.

So, we released an instant demo. In the demo you connect to a real remote PC with a capability to get remote control. Also, a brief presentation is displayed to help you get around. You can do whatever you want, and once the 10 minutes of demo time expire, you can reconnect at any time.

We already have lots of users using the demo. So, be sure to try it and share the link with your friends.


SkyFex Team

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SkyFex Accepts Payments through PayPal


You might be happy to know that SkyFex now accepts payments through PayPal.

So, if you are a Pro subscriber, you can switch payment method from credit card to your PayPal account.

SkyFex Sales

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A Fix for UAC Issues (Vista, Win7, WinServer 2008)

Hi there!

We are very well aware that UAC causes a bunch of issues with every app that requires certain permissions. Unfortunately, SkyFex is not an exception. And we won’t mess with hacks and other inappropriate workarounds for avoiding this.

We are implementing a fix that will make SkyFex deal with UAC in a straightforward way. We’ll get all SkyFex functions working (with UAC enabled), including remote control, sysinfo, file transfer, etc. The update will be released soon. Stay tuned.


SkyFex Team.

And below you might see the UAC logo. One that is mostly associated with tons of fun among millions of gamers around the world. All credit and copyright goes to ID Software, of course 🙂

UAC logo

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