A Fix for UAC Issues (Vista, Win7, WinServer 2008)

Hi there!

We are very well aware that UAC causes a bunch of issues with every app that requires certain permissions. Unfortunately, SkyFex is not an exception. And we won’t mess with hacks and other inappropriate workarounds for avoiding this.

We are implementing a fix that will make SkyFex deal with UAC in a straightforward way. We’ll get all SkyFex functions working (with UAC enabled), including remote control, sysinfo, file transfer, etc. The update will be released soon. Stay tuned.


SkyFex Team.

And below you might see the UAC logo. One that is mostly associated with tons of fun among millions of gamers around the world. All credit and copyright goes to ID Software, of course πŸ™‚

UAC logo

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We want SkyFex in every language possible!


We’d like to announce that SkyFex will be including more translations into different languages.

Also, we welcome anyone who’s willing to contribute a translation to their native language. Please contact us at support@skyfex.com


SkyFex Team.

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SkyFex Branding Released!


Great news.

Finally, branding is available to the public after some thorough live testing. Thanks to everyone who agreed to help us and take a look before the final release!

So, be sure to check your account for the new tab – Integrate/Customize. Why Integrate? Because now (besides branding) you can easily build SkyFex into your web site.

SkyFex Remote Desktop links to branding and integration

Both features work in a straightforward way. So, brand it your way and insert it into your site:

  • Add your own logo and color.
  • Add custom links instead of default SkyFex links. Live preview is available to test everything right away.
  • Generate a code snippet for inserting SkyFex into your site. Be sure to set the size of the viewport at your convenience.

We hope the new features bring SkyFex closer to a remote desktop solution of your dreams. If you have more ideas how we can improve, let us know! We brought branding in because so many subscribers wanted it.

We welcome any feedback (good or bad :)) in the blog, via e-mail or via online forms.

Best regards,

SkyFex Team.

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Do we really need IE 6?

Hey there!

Well, while the branding and related stuff is being finalized and polished, we just realized that SkyFex still supports IE 6. That’s not to say that IE 6 has aged somewhat beyond being just a “legacy” product. Rather, we can call it outward old. Okay, maybe it’s even closer to ancient – at least in the eyes of active Internet surfers. Just kidding πŸ™‚

Anyway, the point is: we’re just wondering if anyone really needs SkyFex to run in IE 6? So, if you can’t live without IE 6 – tell us.

Be sure to post your thoughts in the comments section below.


The SkyFex Team.

P.S. We know that in some corporate environments IE 6 proves to be a very efficient means against in-house Internet connection abuse. But you can’t be sure if a person is using IE 6 consciously, or it’s just because they do not care too much about updating.

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Branding for SkyFex!


Branding SkyFex with your logo and color theme sounds like a nice idea. What do you think? Tell us.


SkyFex Team.

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SkyFex Released


Yet another small but important release: SkyFex

It brings improved support for proxies. That means you can get it working with proxies if it previously did not πŸ™‚ Here you won’t need to do any proxy tweaks: SkyFex will detect proxy and ask authorization for you. It’s secure: you will need to manually enter your proxy details.

Also, there are minor bug fixes and improvements. We’ll be delighted to see your questions and suggestions in the comments section.


SkyFex Team.

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New SkyFex Howto: Controlling Remote Computer

We just uploaded a new howto video to YouTube. It explains how to control a remote computer using SkyFex. Also, it has HD quality (720p) which makes it way more comfortable to watch and understand.

In the video, we start with plain desktop sharing to identify the problem on the remote computer. Then we ask for remote control to successfully resolve the issue.

This movie should be handy for those who want to use the remote control feature. Also, hopefully it can serve as a very basic troubleshooting guide.

Be sure to post your suggestions and feature requests right into this blog. Also, you may want to contact us directly.

Also, a new minor SkyFex release is coming soon. Stay tuned.

SkyFex Team.

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SkyFex Now Supports Google Chrome!


We just rolled out SkyFex The good news is that SkyFex now supports Chrome. Also, the new release brings some minor fixes.

We hope that Chrome users will appreciate this new version.

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New SkyFex Howto Video – Quickly Connecting and Solving a Problem

Hi everyone!

Just uploaded a new SkyFex video to YouTube, you can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pn6VuqUPmn8

Be sure to post any feedback here or directly on YouTube. Feel free to subscribe to the SkyFex YouTube Channel.

Thanks for watching us!

SkyFex Team.

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SkyFex 3.0 Released

We have just released SkyFex 3 – it’s an absolute blast.

The new SkyFex web site has been built from scratch to be more usable, fast and nice to look at. We hope you like it. Let us know if you have any suggestions to make the new site better.

SkyFex now supports Firefox for Windows; it’s installed as a Firefox plug-in.

New connection options are now available, including our personal favorite: send session link to the client (no need to type session ID into the box).

SkyFex now supports multiple monitors. You can choose which monitors to show to your partner.
You can resume disconnected sessions. If the Client is still connected to a remote session, the disconnected Expert can resume that session.

SkyFex is now faster and more stable.

Instant chat has been improved. You can now largely customize chat appearance.

Also, tons of minor tweaks and improvements have been made. Be sure to post any suggestions via our contacts page. Or feel free to post them here.

We hope you like the new SkyFex as much as we do.

SkyFex Team.

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