SkyFex not working in Firefox version 43

Hi guys,

SkyFex may stop working in Firefox 43+. We are working to solve this issue. In the meantime, we suggest the following workarounds:

We are doing everything possible to make SkyFex work in Firefox out of the box and we’ll keep you updated.

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About DeskRoll Remote Desktop

Hey there,

We’re receiving quite many questions on DeskRoll vs. SkyFex, so a sound clarification might be in order.

So, DeskRoll is different from SkyFex as follows:

  1. With DeskRoll, no plugins or apps are installed on the device you are sitting at (including mobile devices). Just open in your browser, login to your account and you are all set. DeskRoll supports all operating systems that can have an HTML5-compliant browser: Windows XP and later, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackberryOS, etc.
  2. On the remote machine, a small DeskRoll app is run or installed. Currently, Windows and MacOS are supported (SkyFex doesn’t support Macs).
  3. DeskRoll’s web access viewport is optimized for mobile devices: you can use gestures to simulate right and left clicks, pan and zoom remote desktop, use virtual keyboard etc.
  4. DeskRoll currently offers a 30-day trial and no permanent free license (that might be changing soon though, stay tuned!).
  5. The pricing plans and associated costs are the same as with SkyFex.
  6. DeskRoll has pre-session chat which enables your customer to request help directly through DeskRoll.
  7. Some other less prominent advantages and differences (that still might be important for you).

Note that you can migrate your existing SkyFex Pro license to DeskRoll and keep both products! Contact us to request migration.

We hope this explanation sheds some light on the main differences between the two tools. Be sure to ask questions in the comments!

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Chrome Installation Workaround

Dear SkyFex Users,

SkyFex Chrome plugin is not yet published in the Chrome Web Store, so there is a bit of extra effort to install it.

1. Open in Chrome. In the bottom of the Chrome window, you will see that file skyfex.crx has been downloaded.
2. Click the icon in the menu bar, then click Settings.
3. In left-hand menu click Extensions.
4. In the bottom of the window, on the right from the file name, click the down arrow and select Show in folder. A new window will open with skyfex.crx selected.
4. Drag file skyfex.crx and drop it into your Chrome window.
5. Click OK to confirm installation.

Best regards,
SkyFex Team

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Remote Printing for SkyFex

Hi everyone!

We have just released yet another nice SkyFex update. The new version features Remote to Local Printing.

Also, it includes a bug fix: now on Windows 7 and Windows 2008, the Ctrl+Alt+Del combination works in the logon screen. We highly recommend updating all your client installations of SkyFex Unattended Access to the new version. To do this, go to My SkyFex -> My Computers. You will see message that client is not up-to-date. Then update the clients as necessary.

Also, please be sure to turn UAC on the target computer on for the Ctrl+Alt+Del combination to work.

Best regards,
SkyFex Team.

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Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year!!

Hey guys,

We wish you a Merry X-Mas and a happy New Year!

May success attend you, and may all your problems resolve in a straightforward and timely manner!

SkyFex Team.

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SkyFex File Transfer with Unattended Computers


Today’s SkyFex release adds a much demanded feature. It’s file transfer for unattended remote access.

Now the subscribers of SkyFex Pro will be able to exchange files with office and home computers and other unattended PCs. Note that here file transfer works a bit different from SkyFex file exchange with a human user. So, feel free to read a brief howto.

We recommend updating all your installations of SkyFex Unattended Access control. It’s necessary to avoid version incompatibility and get the new file transfer feature working.

If you have questions or want to test-drive SkyFex Pro, please contact us.

Best regards,
SkyFex Team.

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SkyFex Unattended Access Went Public

Hey everyone!

First of all – big thanks to beta testers for trying out unattended access. Guys, you did a great job. Now we are ready for the final release.

So, SkyFex 3.3.2 is officially there. From now on, both SkyFex Pro and Free users can access their PCs when there’s no one there. For the howto, be sure to read the help article.

Last but not least. There are no licensing limitations on the number of computers in your SkyFex Free or Pro account.

Guys, we hope you will enjoy the new feature!

Also, some features are in the development for SkyFex Pro users. The new release is coming soon.

Kind regards,
SkyFex Team.

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SkyFex Unattended Access and the Updated Website

Hi everyone!

This is by far the most exciting release since SkyFex 3.0.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new Unattended Access feature! SkyFex now allows connecting to your unattended computers. You install the unattended access service once – and you can connect to your computer via browser from anywhere, any time. Also, the new version brings some minor bug fixes and tweaks, as usual.

Yet this is a beta release, and unattended access is only available to subscribers of SkyFex Pro. However, if you are not a Pro subscriber and you want to get your hands on the new feature, be sure to let us know.

We hope that unattended access will make SkyFex a more complete solution meeting all the essential needs of remote control users.

Also, the web site content has been updated to display info in a more straightforward and logical manner; some eye-candy added here and there.

Best regards,
SkyFex Team.

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Small Release to Support Firefox 5.0


Something gone almost unnoticed – we released SkyFex plugin version that supports Firefox 5.0. The major release by Mozilla was quite a surprise for lots of folks, and Firefox’s new development cycle promises even more frequent major releases, so everyone will have to keep up!

Anyway, we can tell for sure that SkyFex now fully supports Firefox 5.0.

Also, a new and exciting release is nearing, and before it, we are going to test some great new features in a closed beta test. So, if any of you guys would like to enroll – drop a message here or an email to support(at) We’ll need to know the email address of your SkyFex account to enlist you, so be sure to post it as well.


SkyFex Team.

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SkyFex 3.2.0 is Now Faster!


In the previous post, we announced the licensing changes, including twice more remote control time in the Free version. But that’s not the only news in version 3.2.0 (yesterday’s release). Even better news: SkyFex is now faster!

So, dear users, we recommend to check it out for yourself. Our tests have shown that, depending on the Internet connection speed, performance may increase up to 3 times.

Be sure to post your impressions about the speed and the licensing changes. You can post here on the blog, or in the feedback/support forms.


SkyFex Team.

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